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Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Painless Delivery is our advantage
Painless Delivery or Epidural Anaesthesia is a popular technique used, if advised by the doctor during Labour.
It gives relief from unbearable labour pain during deliveries. We provide painless delivery, painless labour,
painless normal delivery injection.

Advantages of painless delivery
Because of pain mother secretes hormones.
It bring down high BP which some mothers have. Good for patient who have.
Have heart disease.
Delivery is fasters.
Very safe procedure for mother and baby.

Our expertise that is backed by years of experience, pregnancies are treated with utmost care here and the
hospital has set the standards to follow in this specialized segment.
The department provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment facilities for women of all ages. Our routine
procedures include:

Abdominal hysterectomy.
Hole less hysterectomy.
Vaginal hysterectomy with repair for prolapse.
Fother Gills, Leforts and various sling operations for prolapse including Purandare’s Cervicopexy.
VVF and RVF repair.
Tuboplasty and Tubal recanalisations.
Vaginal reconstruction.
Vault repair for vault prolapse.
Vulvectomy for chronic Vulval conditions.
Uncomplicated laproscopic procedures including laparoscopic tubal ligations.
Metroplasty for malformed uterus.

Management of high risk pregnancies.
Management of GDM (Gestational Diabetes), PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension) and its complications.
Painless labour.
All obstetric operations.
Management of Abortions, IUD ( Intra uterine death)

PCOS (Polycystic ovaries) management.
Induction of ovulation.
Tubal patency procedures including HSG and Laparoscopy.
PCOS drilling
Tubal patency
Tubal reconstruction