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ENT, Head & Neck Surgery


The Department of ENT Head & Neck Surgery and Cochlear Implantation at our hospital performs advanced ENT procedures such as Cochlear Implant Surgery, Laryngectomy and Laryngopharyngectomy. The major facilities includes

We started Endoscopic Sinus Surgery ( FESS) way back in 1994, first hospital to start in Kollam District. We are the only hospital in Kerala whose all Nasal Surgery are done without a Nasal pack/ clip Post surgery. After septoplasty for correction of deviated nasal septum. We use absorbable catgut sutures instead of Nasal pack/ clip . This preventing the complication of septal perforation and synachae seen following this pack. We also do all head and neck surgery, micro laryngeal surgery and micro ear surgeries. We also do surgery for Obstructive sleep Apnaea and endoscopic ear surgery.

  Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) since 1995.
  No post surgery nasal pack.
  Absorbable suture Septoplasty.
  Endoscopic DCR.
  Micro-ear surgery
  Micro-laryngeal surgery
  Other routine Head & Neck surgeries including Thyroidectomy.